Why Invest in the UK?

As an investor in Hong Kong, looking to the UK property market for investment opportunities continues to make sound economic sense.

With a continually diverse, modern and growing economy in addition to an ever increasing population, the demand for quality affordable accommodation has never been greater, providing significant opportunities for those looking to invest in the burgeoning buy-to-let market.

The Rise of the Rental Market

With increasing demand has come increasing house prices, a trend set to continue in the coming years which, alongside interest rates at an all-time low, presents a landscape ripe for profitable returns on investment.


Quite simply, rising house prices in the first-time buyer sector of the market has led to more and more looking towards rental properties as a viable, more affordable proposition. This is especially true in the larger conurbations in particular London where demand for rental properties has soared in the past decade. And, the population in the capital expected to go beyond 9 million by 2020, this is a situation unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

Diversity of Properties

The UK property market is rich in diversity, each presenting its own features and advantages for the international investor.

Modern inner-city apartments present a sound option for young city workers seeking conveniently located accommodation while the shortfall in affordable starter homes offers further opportunity for buy-to-let investors. And, with a steadily increasing market those looking to invest in high-end value properties can have confidence in long-term stability and growth.

Great British Investment

Investing into the UK property market is to invest into a vibrant modern country while managing to retain a firm and visible hold on its long and varied history. From the natural attractions of rural England to historic towns and landmarks the UK continues to retain its rich heritage even as it embraces the most cutting-edge aspects of twenty-first century living. And it is this blend of modern and historic, alongside a stable political landscape, which gives the country-wide international appeal and provides encouragement to investors that they are putting their resources into a safe environment.

Indeed, just to take London as an example, the city has long since been one of the most attractive locations to invest. A truly cosmopolitan hub, the city is a centre for both finance and fashion, an iconic location that year on year draws in new inhabitants searching for new opportunities. It is to this sense of ever-expanding vibrancy that provides London and the UK at large such an exciting place for property investment.

ROC Invest Make Investments in the UK Easy

If you’re looking to take advantage of the many benefits attached to investment in the UK property market as a Hong Kong based investor then let ROC Invest help make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Not only do we know why the UK offers a sound investment, we know HOW to provide you with the best chance of healthy, profitable returns. As experts in UK property investment and the buy-to-let market we’ll help you create and manage your British portfolio through every step and procedure. From securing the best mortgages, to legal and tax advice through to a thorough property management service including lettings management, furnishing and re-selling should that ever be required.

At ROC Invest we’re here to ensure that your property is working for you and that your portfolio, however large or small it may be, is delivering to its maximum output ensuring that you are receiving the full benefits achievable in the robust, vibrant and ever-expanding UK property market.

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