Invest in a Vibrant Environment

If you’re an investor in the UAE looking for a vibrant market full of profitable potential then it might be time to consider the UK property market.

A modern, progressive market, designed around the high-tech, fast-living needs of twenty-first century life while founded upon a bedrock of ancient history and the rich cultural heritage that gave birth to Shakespeare, Dickins and Austen.

With a diverse and ever increasing population, the UK property market is ripe for investment offering a range of investment opportunities on a wide variety of property types for long or short-term investment and the continually buoyant buy-to-let market.


Demand for properties is high within the UK marketplace in general, representative of the fact that house prices are rising year on year with forecasts showing this trend to continue in years to come. While this in itself suggests now to be a good time to invest for potential longer-term returns, it is in the buy-to-let market that further opportunity presents itself.

The combination of rises to demand and price has led to many UK residents turning to the rental market as a viable and affordable alternative to purchasing.

And, with the number of people searching for accommodation growing at a rate faster than properties are becoming available (or mortgage affordable) so the opportunity for buy-to-let investors grows as they answer the call for more rental accommodation.

With historically low interest rates available on buy-to-let mortgages this further incentivises the market for those with capital to invest.

London & Beyond

The capital city, London, is one of the world’s truly global cities and remains one of the most desirable destinations for living and working anywhere in the world; as evidenced by its ever-increasing population. A city blessed with iconic landmarks, uber-modern facilities and diverse, cosmopolitan culture there is opportunity aplenty. And, reflective of the country at large, with steadily increasing house prices, greater demand for quality rental accommodation and a population expected to increase to beyond 9 million by 2020, there is a lot of positivity around investing in the local property market.

Beyond London, the rest of UK offers even further opportunities for investment in a country which, lest we forget, remains one of the world’s more prosperous nations. With re-vitalised modern economies growing across the various regions of England and Wales, as well as opportunities in traditional rural markets, there has never been more choice in the market for investors.

Different Properties, Different Markets

There is real variety of property types with the UK property market, each of which offering a different investment opportunity for local and overseas investors. Some of the more in demand properties that one may wish to consider include:

  • City Apartments for Urban Living – in demand for single, young city workers
  • Semi-Detached 2 – 3 Bed Starter homes – high demand and rising prices offer an opportunity for buy-to-let investment.

Make the most of your investment with ROC

As an expert in the UK property market we’ll help you make, not only the best choice for your portfolio, but also the maximum returns possible once you’ve made the investment. If you’re based in the UAE then it pays to work with a trusted expert local to the area in which you’ve invested.

We understand the market, keeping up to speed with changes to legislation, moving trends and prices to ensure that our clients get the most from their investments every step of the way.

Providing consultation on the best kind of property investment that will work for your circumstances we’ll also help you manage every aspect of your portfolio from buy-to-let mortgage offers, overseeing the day to day aspects of your lettings or providing you with the latest help and advice on legal, financial or taxation issues.

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